Leather set “Harley Barger”
  • Leather set “Harley Barger”
  • Leather set “Harley Barger”
  • Leather set “Harley Barger”
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Leather set “Harley Barger”

9000 грн
* Height:

* Foot length:

⭕️ Jacket with stand-up collar made of dense eco-leather
⭕️ Narrowed trousers with elastic band (eco-leather with insulation (fleece)
⭕️ Shirt with long sleeves (100% cotton)
⭕️ Sweater with a print, insulated (fleece)
⭕️ Boots waterproof with rivets (fur)
⭕️ Aviator sunglasses


Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to take measurements? I know the size
To take measurements is necessarily! Write exactly what you see, without the “room for growth". Do not worry, we will make a hoard! We know, our clothes and shoes would be wanted to wear more than one season.
How to take measurements?
Can I buy items separately, not in a set?
Are there any discounts or bonuses?
What about materials / manufacturer of the clothes?
We collect our kits all around the world (literally). Our team day by day finds the "most delicious" items! Something we even order individually! Everything is put to the test for the material, comfort and durability (we know how to create the style of the boy). And only after the approval in all aspects the item is in stock! Buying our kit, you buy the style of “jabarro”! And we enjoy to make you happy!
What are the terms of shipment / delivery?
What is the age range of the kits?
Pants are long, what to do?

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